What? No Frodo?

There is no mistaking the sound, or look, of Coheed and Cambria. With each of their albums detailing a story one way to describe them to anyone that hasn't heard them is to say imagine if there was a Lord of the Rings musical that is be Coheed. The prog-rock-emo band, from America, work on the concept of albums that tell a story in sequence, but forget just a trilogy they currently have three studio albums and two more planned in the same series.

Last time the band played at Leeds they were playing to a packed out Concrete Jungle (now Lockup) stage, but with a promotion to the Radio One stage the tent is barely half full as most of the north of England seem to be braving the rain to watch the Arctic Monkeys and to get ready for Muse's show.

Coheed and Cambria always manage to put on a show that is unique to them, with thrashing guitar riffs, emo vocals and punk passion it is hard to liken them to any other band. There is little to no speech, vocalist Claudio Sanches even admits it, but the crowd don't seem to need it - cheering together, launching lighters in to the air and crowd surfing all at the same time. They may not have drawn the largest crowd of the weekend considering the fact that they're only one slot away from headline, however it is certainly one of the most passionate and devoted crowds.

Wih perfect timing and an intense live show there are few bands that put on a show anywhere close to that of Coheed's and there is no doubt that no other band is even remotely the same.