Hats Off

Festival favourites Capdown get a predictably big crowd but they take a while to get going today as they start the set with two newer songs that, although well received don't really get the crowd animated. It all comes back on track though when they go into the classic 'Cousin Cleotis' as the crowd erupts into a sea of bouncing punters.

Capdown are a fantastic live band that just exude energy with their original take on the ska punk theme, when they are on top form they are quite stunning but today they seem a little reserved. Last year they totally ripped up this tent but perhaps the long wait for new recorded material ironically coupled with newer songs early on in the set contributes to them not having the same impact this year.

The set is fairly short but they manage to cram in old favourite 'New Revolutionaries' and 'An A-Political Stand of Reasons' does get a decent circle pit going. Capdown always know that even if all is not going to plan there's one song that is guaranteed to get everyone moving and so it proves today as the whole tent seems to start dancing to the excellent 'Ska Wars'. Unfortunately they have to cut the set short due to time constraints and so don't get to play their forthcoming download only single.

They may not have had the same buzz about them today as they have in the past but with a new album 'Wind Up Toys' imminent there's plenty to come from Capdown. You can check out a preview track from the new album on the bands website here .