He said

Despite having four albums under their belt Watford's Captain Everything! are still something of an unknown quantity to many but they pull a decent crowd into the Lock Up tent. They play melodic punk at pace and are probably best summed up as sounding like Green Day would if they still played proper punk. The songs are fast and melodic and generally feature a mass of speeding riffs.

They give a good account of themselves today and seem to have fun whilst doing it, cramming as many songs as they can into their short time slot, including one song that lasts for all of 43 seconds! It's fair to say that they don't have the greatest tunes but they are a good band and they succeed in getting the front rows bouncing. For an early slot they go down well and interact with the crowd at every opportunity. The vocals are clean and melodic and the guitars crisp but they don't inject much variety into their set and do start to sound a little familiar after a while.

They hold their own but in the context of the day they are somewhat overshadowed by bigger and better bands and they probably need something extra if they are to achieve wider success.