BYOP perform at the Fringe with less hair but still rock out!

They may have less hair than when Room Thirteen last caught up with them but Be Your Own Pet seemed no less no angry or energetic. Thankfully, the Biblical tale of Samson appears to have had no impact on the band and their powers remain intact.

Upon hearing that BYOP were the support act for The Raconteurs, the initial feeling was of joy and excitement, knowing that a crashing, smashing half hour was in store before the main act. This feeling subsided though and thoughts of how the main acts crowd would take to these four upstart kids who like to make a holler as if Sonic Youth were interfering (in a good way) with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

As is often the case with this writer, there was much worrying about nothing and Jemima Pearl soon has the crowd in the palm of her hand with the non stop whooping and 60's girl group dancing she was offering. Her on stage performance and vocal delivery completely belies the look of the girl and the band juddery stop start rhythms make for an interesting set.

Previous single 'Adventure' still remains the most commercial of their tracks and was the one that went down best with newcomers tonight but the sheer barrage and all-out attack of the show couldn't have failed to have won over some of the BYOP virgins in the crowd.

They've still got a lot to learn but they're fun with a capital F.