What's That...

Okay. It would be a lie to say that the Radio One tent was packed to capacity with fans of The Automatic, there is no denying the fact that most of the UK would be here if they could just to sing in chorus to the summer sensation that is "Monster", but the Automatic are more than that.

Formed as The Automatic just over a year ago in Cowbridge, Wales they're a band that have soon seen them selves rise to fame over recent months. Unlike other bands such as Electric Six that have been escalated to stardom after just one or two singles, The Automatic have more to offer than just a few catchy hooks. From the second that they burst on to the stage every member of the band seem to explode with energy, almost as if they're trying to prove that they are more just than a few fun riffs and a couple of good sing-alongs.

By the end of "Jack Daniels" the five or so rows of jumping and cheering crowd that started the set has expanded to fill most of the tent. As all of the band continue to throw themselves around as if every moment were their last, there is no doubt that their catchy effects-laden, punk-rock, pants-dancing is something different.

When 'Monster' finally closes their set the whole tent, as expected, erupts in to clapping, jumping and singing with the chorus deafening most people in the tent. As the song continues crowd surfers pour over the barrier and fans scale the tent supports to get a better view.

The Automatic are certainly capable of being more than just one hit wonders, they have that extra something that so many other bands in their position don't talent and commercial viability.