And why not?

Towers of London open the main stage on Saturday afternoon and instantly go about trying to win the crowd over with lines such as "Reading was fucking boring yesterday". Yeah they look ridiculous, like a cross between Hanoi Rocks and the New York Dolls but they're really not as bad as everyone says they are. They just play balls out rock and roll delivered with a slab of punk attitude and there's always a place for that.

The problem with Towers of London is the image they put across; it's a really double edged sword, it's arrogant and over the top and that stops people from taking them seriously but it gets them attention at the same time. They aren't out of place on this stage though, they easily make a big enough sound to fill it and they get a healthy reception. There are some nice guitar breaks and 'Fuck It Up' gets a bit of a crowd sing a long going. The songs are neither deep nor cultured but who cares? This is good entertainment!

They finish with a punked up cover of Lynrd Skynrd's 'Freebird' and it's not the best version to be honest, although the guitarist does an admirable job of the guitar solos. Too many people have slagged off Towers of London, I say it's time you gave them a break, take them for what they are and you might just enjoy yourself!