Catch 'Em Now!

New Dundee act The View were a late addition to the Carling Weekend line-up, but frankly it's a crime they nearly weren't there at all! They packed the Carling Stage on Sunday night and could easily have graced the Radio 1 Tent.

Long before the band took to the stage a chant of "The View, The View, The View are on fire!" was bouncing off the walls, and this was a regular fixture throughout the set itself.

Top twenty hit 'Wasted Little DJs' was the track to really take the roof off, but on the strength of this set there's a cracking debut album on the way.

The exciting thing about this band is that there was a real roughness about their performance, but in that classic raw rock n' roll way that really makes you want to be a part of it.

They're a great band to watch as at one point there was something of a tribal Celtic dance going on, while at the end one of the band was in the crowd a matter of metres from me: Yet another opportunity for the place to go nuts!

The View are heading in only one direction, up! If you see one band before the end of 2006, make it this lot while the venues are still small.