Considering the fact that Aiden are one of the hottest properties in the industry at the moment and considering that Download saw a second stage packed to capacity it's a slightly disappointing turn out for Aiden this morning. Whilst most of the Leeds crowd are still trying to sleep off their hangovers, there are only a few die hard Aideners that have made it out of bed.

By the time "Die a Romantic" starts it is obvious that most of the crowd aren't Aiden fans, nor are they overly impressed with the distorted sound being produced thanks to the windy main stage. This, however, doesn't stop those who have come to see Aiden following instructions as waves of crowd surfers wakeup security for the first time today.

As Aiden move the crowd 50 or so feet apart the band manage to finally wake up the crowd and start a "braveheart" battle by getting the two halfs of the crowd to charge at each other during "I Set My Friends On Fire". This does more than just get a few fans excited though it actually raises everyone else to their feet to see what's going on.

Aiden put their usual energy and passion in to their performance and do win over a few new fans with their wall of death, but it's just a shame they played where and when they did. Had this been on Friday, or later in the day in the Lockup Stage this would have been so much better.