A sedate kickoff to the weekend.

With the lazy sun and little wind making standing outside in the September Glasgow sun a pleasure, The Guillemots reaped the benefit of having a cheery and optimistic crowd looking in on them.

The sound quality was excellent as The Guillemots quirky sound came across well with the double bass sounding strong. Launching into breakthrough single 'Made Up Love Song #43' as early as second in their set, showed a confidence in the rest of their material, which to be fair, stood up well. However, the crowd's reaction to the single and its fanciful lyrics and meandering keyboard stabs was still the highlight of their set, although the final song with its manic drums and guitar freakout came a close second. The end really vitalised the crowd and certainly left the band with a greater impression than they may have got, so full credit to their choice of setlist.

Lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield's vocals sound vulnerable and cracked but there's no sense of the band sounding like a victim, as the punchy set more than stood up for itself.

With interested onlookers including Hot Chip and Steve Lamacq, the celebrities seemed as taken by The Guillemots as much as the small yet perfectly placated crowd. A small club venue may be the preferred option to catch the band at the moment but on this showing, they certainly weren't fazed by the festival scene.