Ya Tap Dancer.

For a few months now, the recommendations for Tilly and the Wall have been coming thick and fast, and from many different sources. The intial plaudits came in the fact that the band was melodious and chirpy with some tremendous harmonies but after a while, some other facts started to surface about them.

It turns out that Tilly and the Wall dispense with a drummer and use tapdancers for their percussion needs. Well, if you can't enjoy a bit of tapdancing on a lazy Sunday afternoon then the time will never be right, so as the weather toyed between the sun and the rain, Tilly and The Wall kicked off the days proceedings.

Right from the start, the tapdancing element was at the fore, with the lead singer being flanked by the girls on either side, and initially seemed to be overpowering. However, when the novelty of this wore down, the songs and music started to get noticed and the material was pretty good. The general easy cheery feel was encouraging the crowd to get involved, and handclaps were the order of the day.

One of the tracks had a very flamenco feel to it, and with the 3 main girls doing their best Spanish senorita dancing, it was safe to say that the crowd was won over with the upbeat and general feel good atmosphere.

For a brief showing, the band seemed to have a great time and its likely their name will start to spread a bit more now, and once the initial shock dies down, their music should get the same acceptance as their novel percussion.