Gang of Four provide entertainment.

The current UK music scene owes a large debt to the angular and wiry guitar sounds of the early 1980's and one of the most influential, if not commercially viable, acts of this era were Gang of Four. Recently reformed and reaping the benefits of the acts who have followed them, Gang of Four could be viewed as being the fathers or grandfathers of Franz Ferdinand...musically speaking.

With their set consisting of the short, sharp jabbing songs, the initial rush was perfectly encapsulated in 'At Home He Looks Like a Tourist', which managed to sound as fresh today as it probably did on its first release.

The dull weather and heavy rain may have been dampening the crowd's reaction and at the times the sound wandered off in the air but the band seemed to be enjoying themselves. Aside from the sublime bass lines, the show was notable for lead singer John King roaming the stage with his shirt opened. At his age, he should be taking better care in such unpleasant weather but he never stopped moving.

Whether they would have had such a high billing at many other festivals is a good point to debate but Gang of Four performed a solid if unspectacular set which should keep the modern fans' interest in them alive.