The real Brazilian success story of the summer.

Any great festival needs an unexpected highlight or a surprise package to make it memorable and CSS were Indian Summer's secret weapon. Hailing from Brazil, the torrential rain may have been a shock to their system but CSS took everything else in their shimmying, dancing stride. Even allowing for the drab weather outside, the ABC tent was full and the security staff were fighting a losing battle in trying to prevent overcrowding.

With a bass heavy and drum pounding set, the girls of the group strut around and lead singer Lovefoxx twice stage dived into the thronging mass. Her strangely gallic styled vocals played well over the squelchy, tight tunes creating a sound that shouldn't be expected from a band whose full name translates into "tired of being sexy." Frankly speaking, this set got the crowd moving in many different ways.

With 'Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above' spreading the word about the band, its live incarnation was tremendous with the crowd roaring its approval.

No matter the weather, CSS served up a sleazy, sexy show and they look set to be a smash in the year ahead, particularly with a full UK tour to come in the next few months.