A Fools Parade

As soon as I heard Eden's music I thought of post Dio Rainbow. They have that safe rock music aura about them. It's inoffensive, unoriginal yet foot tappingly infectious. They seem a sincere band, full of musicians who probably have almost one hundred years of hard rocking experience between them. Bass player Alan Mills especially, looks like a nodding dog when he plays. It's as if his neck muscles have become extremely supple through 30 years of bass grooving. But Eden do look a little bit of an oddball band. They don't give the impression of a solid unit. Singer Nick Workman was a great deal younger than the rest of the band and dressed in a normal shirt and jeans, and didn't look like the singer of a rock band. I'm all for substance over style but I think a little thought about presentation goes a long way. If in doubt, all dress in black. James Screaton on keyboards covered both the keys and 2nd guitar, and if I'm being honest, Eden were a better band when he joined in on that dual axe attack. Main guitarist Vince O'Regan wore a normal white shirt with blue jeans and bandanna, an image perhaps best suited to a Bruce Springsteen style of band. One can't deny this guy has talent, it was obvious he had been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt - it's a just a pity he didn't wear it on the Friday night. Vince also won the award for the most heart wrenching performance of the weekend, as every note he played, he lived, either that or he'd hurt his finger and every note meant a shooting pain went up his arm (it has to be this reason, because I've never found Gibson Les Paul that difficult to play)

Because of the band's hotch potch style and generic but likeable collection of tunes, Eden wouldn't be out of place in a labour club or even a 'rockin' wedding reception. I know the band are probably cursing me now shouting, "what the hell does he know?" but in my experience it needs someone outside of the band to point out where the group are going wrong and in which areas they're not at their strongest. I'm not saying Eden are a bad band, but on this performance there were some areas where they could improve upon. Although Eden were fairly well received by the crowd, perhaps a grittier line of songs, a more together image and a better rapport with the audience could have seen Eden be one of the highlights of the weekend.