Failing To Connect

The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club isn't really a band you'd expect to be supporting tonight's main act. Lacking the glitz and the glamour of the Las Vegas quartet The Killers, BRMC are more your good old fashioned dirty rock and roll band, one that are quite happy to simply turn up, plug in and blow the audience apart with a blast of rock strapped to a guitar, and tonight certainly is no different.

Sauntering onto stage with an aura of cool that other bands would foam at the mouth for, BRMC waste no time in jolting the growing crowd of Killers' fans to life as the Bob Dylan meets Johnny Cash classic rock booms around the arena. Hits such as 'Spread Your Love' sit snugly alongside newer singles from their forthcoming album, 'Baby 81' with the likes of 'Weapon Of Choice' gaining some appreciative nods from the crowd. But sadly that's the extent of their allure tonight. With their sound under par and a crowd of fans already in a hyped frenzy for Brandon Flowers and co. BRMC seem to suffer, almost looking like a band purely going through the motions as they try to connect with the audience but fail more often than not. It's rock and roll in its purist most stripped back form and when it works BRMC can send a shiver down your spine as they ooze more cool than Marlon Brando's gang in 'The Wild One' from which they take their name. Tonight though the San Francisco trio's technical problems seem to only send some Killers fans heading to the bar.