Communication sublime

When I heard Communic were going to be playing progpower I thought Christmas had come early, there is no way on this earth I was going to get to see Communic without travelling to some frozen Scandinavian country and believe me I had considered it.

Now as I stood twenty feet from the stage on they walk, three unassuming guys about to unleash a metal hailstorm. How could they do it? Their albums are complicated masterpieces, the songs are long and twisting, how were a drummer, a bass player and a singer/guitarist going to live up to the towering noise that is their back catalogue?

At first I thought they weren't, the opening song had appalling sound for the first minute or so and my heart sank but then the gods of the sound desk smiled and Communics onslaught came into sharp focus.

I have to say the drummer had the loudest bass drums of the whole day for me, it was like being beaten by a chaingun loaded with boxing gloves, Singer Oddleif Stensland powered through his vocals whilst playing some truly demonic guitar and they looked like they were having a good time.

Opening with 'Communication Sublime' from their first album to warm everything up they moved onto the stand out track from their second album 'Frozen Asleep In The Park' this track is quite long and complicated, it also happens to be one of my favourites and they played it magnificently.

Communic take no prisoners and they left no one in any doubt of their ferocity and skill. By the end the crowd were cheering like mad and it was a great shame they didn't have a longer set time. Hopefully this reception will encourage them to come over again for a full length gig. Thank you Progpower for bringing them over.