Take Heed

One of the many great things about Prog Power is the chance to see bands that just couldn't tour this country, Heed is a case in point. I used to really like a band called Lost Horizon, they had a singer that could break glass and clear your sinuses with his voice it went so high, they also had some pretty natty guitar playing too.

Well that singer and one of the guitarists formed Heed and here they are ripping up the floorboards in Cheltenham of all places. Heed are the openers for Prog Power this year and it must have lifted their hearts when they walked out to about a thousand people all ready and waiting for some early afternoon metal.

Sound wise they had a flat dull mix, not terrible but just missing some top end however Daniel Heiman's voice added that no problem as he effortlessly hit the stratospheric heights and opened a few eyes around the stage.

Speaking of the audience they were a little detached as festival audiences tend to be at the beginning but no one wandered off that I saw, this was almost certainly down to Heed playing an energetic set and working the stage like it was a hot Saturday night rather than one in the afternoon.

Heed play heavy, fast and quality metal, if you know of Lost Horizon then this is grittier but Daniel can still make your hair stand up. Great opener for a great day.