The God Of Fuck Shows Download How It's Done

Marilyn Manson really does know how to put on a stage show. With the crowd heaving beyond the amount that watched My Chemical Romance yesterday, it's obvious that the older artists still rule over the hallowed ground of rock and roll that is Donington.

With the release of 'Eat Me, Drink Me' on June 4, new songs such as "Heart Shaped Glasses" have a hard time standing up against the classic Manson singles, but they offer a slightly different insight into this prolific and highly respected artist. One of many standout tracks on 'Holywood', "Fight Song" is a delicious slab of sing-along metal that gets everyone up on their feet and enjoying themselves.

"Mobscene", from the 2003 album 'Golden Age Of Grotesque', fits perfectly with the other hits played tonight, the guitars sounding like they are going to make roadkill of anything that gets in their way. "Rock is Dead" is another highlight that stuns when performed live.

Whilst Marilyn Manson never sounds quite so good live as you would expect, he still manages to impress with an exciting setlist and enough costume changes to do any fashion conscious rocker proud. "Sweet Dreams" is as fantastic as ever, Manson's vocal work breathy and sensual. With a soft spot for this reworked version, it would have to be the highlight of Marilyn Manson's set for many others - including myself - if the loud chorus from the crowd and Manson writhing around on stage are anything to go by.

Also played were "Dope Show" with its swaggering vocals not quite up to Manson's usual standard, "Tainted Love" proving covers really are cool when handled by the God of Fuck and the anthem for teenagers everywhere, "Disposable Teens". And, of course, Marilyn Manson ends with a bang - and ticker tape- leaving the masses in a fantastic mood before they move off to watch Motley Crue on the second stage or wait for Linkin Park to appear on stage.