Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah play ballsy, all-out rock with a traditional sound and fit perfectly into the Download lineup for Saturday at the Main Stage. With Mudvayne's Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett supplying vocals and guitars respectively, as well as Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul and Nothingface's guitarist Tom Maxwell, it is no wonder that Hell Yeah sound so damn good.

"Alcohaulin' Ass" begins with subdued guitar work layered over with Chad Gray's diverse vocals before a heavy bassline kicks in from nowhere to add further depth to their music. It's a much more chilled affair than the previous songs they have treated us to, but it is still engaging and captivating.

In a slightly strange twist of events, Hell Yeah play a cover of Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy"- an unusual choice, but one that gets the crowd joyfully leaping away regardless. However, it's "You Wouldn't Know" that gets the best reaction. The mixture of smooth guitars and roughed up vocals works incredibly well and the crowd sing along happily to the sound of one of the newest and most promising supergroups around currently.