Turbo charged

For a mid afternoon slot on the second stage Norwegians Turbonegro get a great turn out with the tent nearly full. The band have been around for nearly twenty years and the now familiar stage costumes and make up get everybody smiling, which just adds to their effect.

Front man Hank Von Helvete gives an excellent performance and totally commands the stage right from the beginning of their set, resplendent in stars and stripes chaps and his trademark face make up. Turbonegro blend rock, punk and metal to great effect and mix their set up well with a good cross section from their back catalogue including the ever popular 'Sailor Man'.

Unfortunately clashing set times mean I have to leave before the end of their set but they've already done enough to impress and once you've seen Turbonegro you're unlikely to ever forget it! A good performance that proves their own unique style has stood the test of time well.