A Tempting Teaser

Within Temptation have pulled in a large crowd to the 2nd stage tent upon the back of their latest album, The Heart Of Everything. Last time the band graced Download with their symphonic metal, they managed a crowd of around half that gathered today. Clearly then, the band are finally getting the recognition that they deserve with their new album hopefully able to shake off the comparisons to Evanescence.

Sadly, as with Nightwish's set in 2005 and Within Temptation's 2006 set at Download, the band suffer from a disappointingly short set due to technical problems. With 20 minutes cut out of their set, many fans have already retured to the grassy bank beside the tent to admire the BMX bikers nearby.

Unlike their normal shows, Within Temptation do not bother with an introduction, launching straight into 'Our Solemn Hour' to kick off their set. The band sound as tight as ever- to be expected from a band that is already hot stuff in Europe! Their intricate guitars blend perfectly with Sharon Den Adel's sensual voice. It is proof that Within Temptation are more than capable of pulling off live shows of top quality (another reason why Within Temptation are better than some of the other bands they are compared to!) and are still able to send chills down your spine effortlessly.

Incredibly apologetic, Sharon manages to charm the crowd and insists the band will make it up to their UK fans on their next tour. They launch into the anthemic 'Stand My Ground'. It's a sign of how hectic things have been backstage when Sharon introduces the song as 'What Have You Done Now' before realizing her mistake.

Sadly, despite the power held by the new bands single- improved on record by Life Of Agony's Keith Caputo's additional vocals- it is sorely missed from the ultra-short set today and instead, the fans gathered are treated to classic Within Temptation track 'Ice Queen' from their first major release, Mother Earth.

Whilst the band were the sad victims of technical problems, they made an impact with the few songs they did manage to play and many of those who gathered to watch them this afternoon will be heading off to their UK tour later in the year.