Looking at the set times it doesn't bode well for I Was a Cub Scout, an emo duo on the third stage up against Megadeth on the main stage but to their credit they pull in a couple of hundred and are well received when they come on.

The duo of Todd and William create a strange sound with often hard drums overlayered with a synth track and guitar. Today the guitar is barely audible, with the synth track pretty much drowning it out. Lots of smoke adds to their atmospheric, ambient breaks but they just don't seem to have any really good tunes and although they are doing something a little different it's more interesting than good.

The music is very lightweight with no real hooks to speak of and with only two of them on the stage (& one stuck behind a drum kit!) they are rather boring to watch. The between song banter is sincere and they come over as nice guys, which warms the crowd to them and the hardcore at the front love every minute. Most of the people that wander into the tent out of curiosity quickly wander out again and you can't help thinking that they are just too off line for this kind of festival. The longer they play the more I'm drawn to the conclusion that their songs have little substance to them and after a while they just wash over you.

No doubt I Was a Cub Scout go down a storm in indie clubs but amidst a sea of rock and metal they stand out like a sore thumb and I'd be surprised if they made any new fans today.