Reasons to be cheerful

York based Beyond All Reason have really made a name for themselves over the last few years and it's no surprise that they fill the Tuborg tent.

They play melodic and powerful rock with a metal edge and singer /guitarist Venno has a really impressive vocal range with some ridiculously high parts! They put on a good show and really get the crowd with them as they move through tracks like 'Don't Hold Back'. The guitars are tight, more choppy than thrashy and at times they get impressively heavy with the whole band giving an assured performance.

Admittedly they're not really my cup of tea but finishing their set with 'Blood Stained Words' is a good move as it sums up the band perfectly and leaves a lasting impression. It has everything going on in it, some great dual guitar parts, insistent drumming and a variety of vocal techniques thrown in for good measure.

They get a great reaction from the crowd as they finish and have shown themselves to be a good band that live up to all the hype. If they get the call to return next year they should expect to move up to the second stage and on this evidence there will be plenty there to see them.