InMe: A Mixed Set

The three piece from Essex have their roots as friends from the age of four and it shows in their music and performance, a band that come out on to a stage with only a few months of live experience on this scale and manage to take command of it. The members of this band only range from 19-20, but sound as if they have had many years more practice.

Today we have also been graced with Scottish band Biffy Clyro and InMe manage to blow away their performance, although not entirely. There are some great moments during this set when melodies are clear and the powerful vocals fill the whole of Finsbury Park. Unfortunatley this is not the case for the whole set as there is some very poor mixing again and some incidents of ear-damaging feedback.

The set as a whole is powerful and music talent definatley shines through, however you do get the feeling that if you could see this bands in the confides of an indoor venue with a 4,000 capacity you would be in for much more of a treat. This band are one of the more promising British metallers in the last few years.