Wanted: One Larger Stage

Ill Niño are apparently the only band worth being awake for first thing in the morning. Within minutes of their early bird set on the second stage, the stage overflows with people trying to crowd in to the sweltering tent.

For a band that appeared last time on Donington's Main Stage you have to question why they've been relegated to Download's second stage – and earlier in the day – despite overcrowding it.

Ill Niño's set is powerful enough to cure the worst of festival morning starts as they power through song after song of their material. Throughout the set the band manage to captivate the audience completely and draw them in to the band with their unique blend of music.

Their set draws near its close as they start the penultimate song 'If You Still Hate Me'. The crowd are drawn wild by Cristian Machado, whose vocals tear through the tent, perfectly building up the tension in the crowd. As they thank the crowd before starting their last song, the band's mention of Korn causes another huge roar of applause, leaving questions of how full the second stage will be for them later this evening.

With the band due back in the UK for their winter tour in November, Ill Niño are a band that are always worth catching.