A Great Show

There is a lot of hype going for Paramore at the moment, they are cover
stars on all the magazines and it feels like its all about to take off for
them. Tonight the Camden Underworld is rammed with everybody waiting to
catch them. It's real hot down here as the people keep packing into the
front of the stage.

When they finally arrive they get straight into it with new single Misery
Business and the whole crowd almost raises the roof as they sing back every
word. It's hard not to adore Paramore's brand of pop-coated Emo rock and
they put on a great performance.

They are ecstatic about the new album 'Riot' coming out in June and on the
evidence of the material played in tonight's set, it sounds like it should
be a real fine record. Highlights included 'For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty
Optimistic' which I'm sure will be another Emo dance floor anthem.

Red haired front woman Hayley is the main focus of attention and it seems as
if she has her own cult like following of fans all wanting to grab onto her
as she gracefully tiptoes around the front of the stage. She has an amazing
voice and is the perfect front woman.
Her red hair glows in the dark and young girls at the front are passing out
at her knees constantly and the security have a busy night pulling out the
bodies as they collapse onto the stage front. They have to restrain the
crowd several times before it gets too chaotic. The band back her up really well and they play with so much energy and look
like they are having so much fun.

They are riding on the Emo wave and will surely be heard from your radios
throughout the summer. This will be the last time you will be seeing
Paramore in a tiny venue like this as they are rising to bigger venues.
They do an encore and end with 'Pressure', promising to be back with a full
UK tour soon - go and catch them when you can.