New Street Adventure

Nick Corbin looked slightly bemused before he stepped onto the stage at Birmingham's Bar One. I spoke to Nick prior to the show and his fidgety manor was something out of the ordinary. New Street Adventure's front man was nervous, he began to wander around aimlessly until the lights began to dim and he followed drummer Chris and bassist Robin on to the stage for what was to be a defining moment in both their lives and every soul in that clammy student union.

It was in that instant that the band changed. They were no longer just another set of bodies in the room, they were now something special and after an extended into to "Northern Soul" the drums kicked in harder than ever and the emotion began to pour from every orifice of this freshly established gang of musical hopefuls.

After the release of only four demos in their short time together I think what they have managed to achieve not only shows a high level of musical maturity, but a serious amount of, until now, undiscovered talent in a future spokesman for the lusting, heart aching teenage generation.

With humorous songs of meat head rugby playing thugs in small town tribes to premier night time establishments and heavy drinking, Nick Corbin proves to be something of a pioneer as he fights this desolate small town oppression head on with a brand new telecaster and a song book packed full of lyrics to make you laugh, cry and call up your friends to tell them how much you fucking love them.

The band manage to document these "high street highlights" with an array of soulful riffs and wrist flicking rhythms, with a sound that is extremely manageable and well controlled by the band.

Nick oozed attitude on stage, and I think his arrogance came across as rather tongue-in-cheek, those looking for force and drive need look no further than New Street Adventures fundamental driving force, their lyrics.

This is the beginning for the trio, and what the future holds in store for these boys is something that no one is able to predict, but no matter how we try to assume their outcome, I don't think anything will prepare us for what Nick Corbin, Robin Langhorn and Chris Daykin have up their sleeve next.