Get Cape Wear Cape Fly flies the climate change flag at Glastonbury.

If Michael Eavis thinks they are worthy of three performances in one weekend, who are we to say Get Cape didn't deserve the hype? After this other stage gig, anyone to state otherwise has most definitely let the festival lack of sleep and inebriated lifestyle affect their judgment.

Dressed for the occasion in a chic brown suit and well groomed appearance, front man Sam and his band presented themselves to the crowd. It's difficult to compete with a similar artist such as James Morrison on the Pyramid stage, but Get Cape had one of the biggest afternoon crowds I had seen on the other stage all weekend, falling short only of Klaxons and Babyshambles- a.k.a the Kate Moss and Pete Doherty show.

Glastonbury entry wristbands this year promoted the icount operation and the necessity of preventing climate chaos. For 45 minutes Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly became a walking wristband. Political and environmental statements throughout their gig summed up my weekend; looking back in absolute awe of the huge 'drop the debt' signs and anti-war campaigns. Anybody who came away from Glastonbury without becoming either recycle driven or veggie eating must have locked themselves away in their tents for the majority of the festival, refusing to understand the colour coded bin system or protest clips shown between sets.

New tracks continued the protest path of change around the world and as expected old anthems 'War of the Worlds' and 'I Spy', taken from the band's debut album, were both hits with the crowd. Get Cape were ideal for the weekend- relaxing and got you thinking.

With audience members having already seen them once prior to this appearance and planning to catch the guy's Leftfield performance later on that evening, this band are a band with committed fans. Had the prospect of Pendulem and Chemical Brothers not been so enticing, Get Cape would most probably have seen a few more familiar faces in their last gig of the weekend. A real show from a real band.