Toothless Tigers

Word has been spreading about London based Pull Tiger Tail and despite the fact that they only have four singles to their name and only played their first gig under a year and a half ago they pull a big crowd.

They kick off with upbeat indie rock that is decent enough but not particularly memorable and from here on in it all gets a bit puzzling. They can seemingly do no wrong today as the crowd greets every song with great enthusiasm but quite why is all a bit of a mystery! When they slow things down it all sounds very generic and with not much going on up on stage it's all rather dull. Bassist and keyboard player Davo McKenzie –McConville is the only member of the band that seems inclined to ever move around and even he doesn't venture very far.

It's a tight enough performance but it's all very lightweight with little in the way of dynamics and most of the material is fairly washover. Each to their own though and when they give out tiger masks it just whips the already enthusiastic crowd up even more. Hardcore indie fans will probably find much to like from Pull Tiger Tail but they lack any kind of punch or vibrancy and later on in the day I'm struggling to remember anything outstanding from their set.