The Road to Excess

Barnsley's GU Medicine get a woeful crowd but don't let it deter them from turning in a great show with their balls out rock and roll. Having supported the Wildhearts and Amen should give you some idea of where they are coming from. There are no frills about the band, what you see is what you get and it's refreshing to see a complete lack of pretence.

They give a full on performance that covers tracks like 'Taking A Lead', Occasional Drink' and recent single 'The Right Time'. Front man & guitarist Lee (no longer looking like Dave Grohl thanks to the absence of beard!) gives a thoroughly intense performance whilst the rest of the band ably assist him and it makes for an entertaining set.

It's a pretty relentless aural assault and towards the end of the set it does start to get a bit much, there's no real variation or subtlety on offer. They win the crowd over between songs with some entertaining banter and back it up with some excellent songs, 'Amphetamine Express' standing out again as the highlight. The title track of last years album 'Saints of Excess' keeps up the momentum with a great chorus and despite the lack of variety there is plenty to like about GU Medicine.

Appropriately they finish with 'Find An Ending' and get a good crowd reaction. They have plenty going for them and when they get it spot on it's really impressive, maybe they need something else a little different to give them wider appeal though?