Drive it like you stole it

Fortune Drive are a Bristol based five piece centred around front man Bobby Anderson. It's all looking good for these guys having toured with Juliette and the Licks and having already penned their debut album 'A Modern Question'.

The first thing to strike you about Fortune Drive is what a great voice Anderson has, it's strong and distinctive and immediately grabs the attention. There's no doubt that they are a tight band too and turn in an accomplished performance. During the first part of the set though there's a real feeling of restraint and whilst some of the songs are catchy there are others that don't really pack any punch. They occasionally wind up into a big finish but just as often don't and Anderson aside they remain fairly inanimate.

Everything does pick up during the second half however with a better stage show, which includes Anderson climbing up on the bass drum. The songs are better and I thought the sound was good until I realised two songs from the end that they actually had a keyboard player! Prior to that he was completely drowned out and lost in the mix! They finish with a big finale and a hail of feedback, always the best way to go. It's been enjoyable but you're left with the feeling that they could be better if they can just find that missing ingredient to really excite.