A solid set

Wherever Charlotte Hatherley plays on the festival circuit this summer, there will be plenty of people watching to see what she's like as a solo artist, knowing more about her time in Ash than on her own.

Here she played on Guilfest's second stage on the Friday, the traditionally most indie of the three days. It's also the half-day; with the gates opening at five and never seems to be as packed out as the rest of the weekend.

She got a relatively small turn out at first, but as the set wore on the numbers grew and there were many more arriving than leaving which suggests they were impressed with what they got.

It would be unfair to compare her solo work with that of her former band mates, but it's worth saying that this is a set of songs that doesn't come across quite as pop focused, with a raw edge showing through.

Tracks from recent album 'Deep Blue' were well received, although there was far from a riotous reaction, but it was older single 'Bastardo' that was the stand out moment from this show.

She is quite engaging to watch, putting in a lively performance. Her guitar player on the other hand was sporting a mean looking frown throughout the set.

At times her songs lack a real catchiness to propel her on to my list of real highlights from the weekend, but it was a satisfying way to get the festival going.