Au Revoir? Hello, more like.

Sometimes at festivals you can stumble upon a band that you know you need to check out, perhaps a song or two has seeped into your sub-conscious and even though their place in the line-up may clash with one or two others, a trip to see them can prove to be worthwhile. At T in the Park, the Reverend and The Makers filled that role for this reviewer and at Indian Summer, Au Revoir Simone performed a charming set that was pitched just right to take advantage of the early evening haze that was starting to set over Victoria Park.

The three females in the band were well received by the crowd but for the early part of the set were happy to set the scene and take things slowly. When the band were tipped off that there was less than ten minutes left of their set, they immediately stepped up proceedings. A heavy bass backing evolved and some more enthusiastic dancing was breaking out in frond of the band, who were doing their best to set off handclaps and some spirited bouncing to the evening.

Benefiting from being situated in a tent, there was a vibe throughout the set and a combination of the sun dipping slightly and some illegal smokers creating a hazy atmosphere inside the tent, the band took full advantage producing a show that captured the mood right. It was not a set that continually caught the imagination or one that would be described as amazing but it was a set that seemed perfect for the situation and the surroundings.

Very laid back with some really enjoyable vocal deliveries and a sense of fun meant that Au Revoir Simone did more than enough to justify checking them out again in the future.