Another Oldies Party in Guildford

In the two years I've been to Guilfest, Saturday night has been about a classic band back together, headlining the main stage twenty or more years after they were enjoying major chart success.

After the extremely dull appearance of A-Ha in 2006, where those who stuck it out were rewarded with the two or three hits they knew having first put up with the band's new material, hopes were high that the reformation of Squeeze would far outlive the Norwegian pop act's show.

For those who aren't aware, Squeeze formed in 1975, and had in their original line up one Jules Holland. He was in the band for their first five years, leaving to form The Millionaires in 1980. He did feature on a number of their signature tracks, not least arguably their most famous 'Cool For Cats' and 'Up The Junction'.

The 2007 line up, to join Glenn and Chris sadly doesn't feature Mr. Holland, but is John Bentley (his second visit to Squeeze) on bass, Stephen Large on keyboards and Simon Hanson on drums, (both of whom play with Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers). Prior to this latest incarnation, the last meaningful action where new material saw the light of day was a decade ago.

As you might imagine the main stage attracted a massive crowd for this set, and for the Squeeze fanatic this wasn't to be a disappointing night.

Unlike A-Ha in 2006, Squeeze spread the hits throughout the gig, ensuring that those not so familiar with their extensive back catalogue didn't have to wait around until the end to hear something they recognized. Of course though a basic working knowledge of more than two classics was a distinct advantage when it came to the enjoyment level.

'Tempted' and 'Up The Junction were played early on, with 'Cool For Cats' left for the climax.

In between the across the board crowd pleasers, the likes of 'Another Mail For My Heart' and 'Slap and Tickle' were among those best received, as well as the excellent 'Pulling Muscles From a Shell'. Biggest sing-along moment probably went to 'Goodbye Girl' which featured on the 'Cool For Cats' album.

Sure this set wasn't for everyone, and the casual observer may have found some of this dull, but anyone who got really bored could always have gone and checked out new radio friendly indie act Cherry Ghost on the Ents 24 Stage, or R13 favourites Reuben in the Rock Sound Cave, a choice which once again showed that Guilfest has the ability to pull off a headlining trio where there's something for most tastes.

As for Squeeze, and their army of fans, it was a good night all round.