Areturn to the golden age

Lights. Action! take to the stage mid afternoon and deliver a set full of driven indie rock. They get a small crowd by the standards of the day but they draw plenty in and to their credit hold most of them in place for the rest of their set.

The music might be a bit lightweight for my tastes (even though they have toured with the likes of Cancer Bats in the past!) but there's no denying that Lights. Action! are a very good, tight band and they turn in an excellent energy filled performance.

Musically they are quite mainstream but they have those little extras going for them that so many bands lack. In Patrick Currier they have a good front man, he has a strong voice and looks totally at ease in his role, succeeding in getting the crowd going where many today have struggled. Subsequently they get a good reaction and are helped by good sound. They keep the tempo up and it becomes clear very quickly that these guys are probably the most accomplished performers we've seen so far this weekend.

It's good stuff and they would seem to have what it takes to make it in a competitive market. With an XFM session due to air in August it's all looking good, all they're missing is the camera.