Are You Alive?

There's been far too much indie floating around the Rocksound tent so far this weekend and it's left to Exoterik to bring back the rock with their own take on dark, gothic metal. This Leeds based four piece might wear their influences on their sleeve but after some sub standard performances on this stage they really set the standard.

Singer and keyboard player Anneka Latta is a thoroughly engaging front woman with a voice to match her stage presence. Once again the sound isn't the best on this stage early on with the bass a little muffled and the guitar too quiet but the quality of the material really shines through. 'Raping the Reverie' is particularly impressive with a simple structure but a powerful sound and Anneka turns in a great performance that oozes sensuality as she works the stage.

The crowd are proving hard to please but as their set progresses they seem to win them over, particularly when they up the tempo and rock out. Exoterik are a polished band that could easily hold their own against the heavyweights of this genre and they deserved a far bigger and better crowd reaction than they received. They play a succession of well crafted atmospheric songs with Tom Fay's guitar work really driving them along.

With an EP due out later this year Exoterik are certainly one to watch out for.