Ayrton would be proud

Sennah are a female fronted hard rock/metal outfit and for some of the band at least this is a hometown gig so it's not surprising that they get a decent crowd at the front of the Rocksound stage. They are already creating something of a name for themselves having sold out of a 500 copy pressing of their debut EP in just two months last year.

Singer Laura today sports a great tartan cocktail dress that she threatens to bust out of at any given moment but to her credit she stays in it and impresses with a strong vocal performance and some good stage craft. Some of the tunes early on in the set aren't that memorable but the performance is good and there is some impressive double bass drumming from Steve. Things do get better though and 'Anyone But Me' features some solid, chunky guitar riffs and although it's not loud enough for the metal edged riffs to have the power they should it's enough to know that these guys are a good band.

The rain outside swells the crowd and Sennah take full advantage of a captive audience with some catchy moments in songs like 'We Won't Go Down'. They get a good reaction and finish with a real flourish. The sound really wasn't good enough today to showcase them properly and certainly the tracks on their myspace page come over far better but they have done themselves plenty of favours nonetheless. Another one to watch out for.