Chasing the Dream

Asono may not be a band familiar to many but they have already completed a tour of the USA, played at the industry showcase that is South By Southwest in Texas and are heading out in November to tour India, South Africa and Japan. Not bad for starters!

They get an early slot in the Rocksound tent and whilst not getting a big crowd they do encourage everyone to come forward (successfully!) and end up with a tight nucleus down at the front. The music is by and large mid paced rock, nothing too special about that but it's evident early on that they have a few little tricks up their sleeves to help them stand out. There are some solid harmonies provided by drummer Oli King that provide an extra kick to some impressive tunes.

Jonny Ross's vocals are clean, the guitar work crisp and they come over as competent composers and performers. The stage show does lack a little something but they hold the interest and get a good reception from the crowd. Highlight of the set is 'Drive It Like You Stole It' with a good chorus and a more driven verse. It's debatable whether the material they have at the moment will be enough for them to make a real impact on the UK scene but they seem to be going about things the right way. If they do make it, it will be in no small part to their own hard work and for that you can't fault them.