A Chripy and Energetic Show

Solo Stroke Albert Hammond Jr gets a great reception from the crowd at the Uncut Arena on Friday night here in Suffolk, the singer steps onstage sobbing, "I've got the sniffles", but this doesn't seem to affect his chipper, upbeat performance in the slightest.

Opening with, 'In Transit', one of the most memorable songs of the evening, a jangly mellow pop tune with an electro edge, before moving onto the festive, 'Holiday', the singer and guitarist seems to have a great dynamic with his band for someone who's not altogether known as a frontman, while the other members of his band strut the stage in equal stead to the singer for most of the set.

While most of the tunes are bright and pleasing, there are some more rock numbers, one such unchained guitar onslaught leads the band's guitarist to leap from the drum riser, wielding his guitar like a weapon, while Hammond Jr. himself seems to be constantly strumming away like a man possessed. A quick Cars cover, 'Don't Cha Stop' is welcomed with flashing lights, the jazzy tune gives the chance for plenty of guitar flare to shine through.

Ending with the contemplative, 'Scared' with accompanying keyboard wails and a hypnotic chorus of, "I know you're still there because you're scared that you'll lose everybody", Albert gives a good display of his solo material, although his on stage persona is rather diminutive, he comes across as genuinely happy to play Latitude, being the first act of the weekend for this writer, and the first of many to denounce this a "friendly" festival. Albert Hammond Jr.'s performance was certainly one for a friendly and happy summer's day.