Something A Little Different

Beginning by apologising for not starting earlier - "We didn't know we were supposed to be playing" - The Annuals are a breath of fresh air, a unique and honest band who give a strong performance.

The sweet intermingling electro of two keyboards and soaring vocals starts off the set with Anna Spence looking like the Meg White of the keyboard world as her hair constantly thrashes about in front of her face. They certainly create a refreshingly charismatic sound and put on a performance to match, swapping instruments to augment the breezy melodies. There are cowbell intros, vocal chants, sparkling piano glissandos and 60s vibes spread out across the varied set. The floating melodies seem to give each band member a chance at singing the lead, assuring plenty of different sounds and moods, which keeps the attention of the crowd. There are even some moments of real rock with thrashing drums and angry guitars, but on the whole The Annuals are a band that offer so much that it's hard to pinpoint their sound other than an alt-indie noise explosion, but you know it's good.