An Acquired Taste

French group Herman Dune begin by giving us a weather report of their tour, where this is the first sunny stop - hurrah! Their music is the kind of twee upbeat music with a religious feel that certainly thrives on sunshine, although it probably works best as background music to laze around to, or for real alt-country nuts. The lyrics about the sun rising up and blessings are a little too much for some, who prefer to take advantage of the sunshine and do some sunbathing, but those that do listen sample the band's eclectic style with tablar drums and handclaps a-plenty.

Those tunes that aren't speaking of unfounded positivity are talking about love and neediness, something that definitely isn't at all cool either, but Herman Dune aren't trying to be fashionable with their baseball caps and beards, that's for sure! 'My Home Is Nowhere Without You' is a sorrowful guitar ballad with a malcontent trotting pace and trumpet licks. The brass definitely adds a nice edge to the tunes, as do little maraca shakes but it's all a little too twee and syrupy for most, until we get to new song, 'My Baby's Afraid Of Sharks', which is simply a great name for a tune, but has the same mellow beats and mid-tempo tune as most of the rest of Herman Dune's fare.