Energetic And Fascinating

Silversun Pickups may not be one of the best known bands of the day, but a small and dedicated crowd gathers and plenty of casual passers by seem drawn in by their mix of traditional rock and valiant guitarwork. They kick off with, 'Well Thought Out Twinkles' which wakes up those who're still tired or hungover with a barrage of riffs and a ballsy bass solo from the lovely Nikki, while singer Brian Aubert's voice also has a disconcerting edge that captivates.

'Dream At Tempo 119' is another highlight with a slow intro of soothing female vocals and starry twinkles of keyboard, later on there are more grungy vocals with quick-fingered guitarwork. Incisive synths cut through the flood of bass and guitar that emanates from the LA band and Brian shares that he's very excited about the show, while drummer Christopher Guanlao even takes a snapshot of the crowd, but the feeling of excitement is mutual as handclaps break out during, 'Kissing Families', which sees beautiful female vocals intertwine with chugging guitar chords. Silversun Pickups experimental music is a real draw and their stage presence is equally strong as Brian happily chats to the crowd who respond with delight.