Pleasing Indie Pop

Camera Obscura introduces themselves as "the very unfashionable Camera Obscura" and though it seems that their clothes aren't exactly straight from Topshop, with singer Tracyanne wearing a dress that looks like it's modelled on an old rug pattern, they're hardly unpopular filling the Uncut Tent.

They begin a set of flowing music that swells the tent to its very walls with 'Comeback Margaret', which is emphatically not about Margaret Thatcher and is infact a sweet mix of swirling electro and toe tapping rhythm with soothing vocals. The crowd are clapping away from the very start and that's the way it stays for the rest of the set. 'Tears For Affairs' throws in a few more instruments in the form of the occasional rattle of maraca and click of woodblock with mix into the blissful, saccharine melody, while 'Let's Get Out Of This Country' is an easy favourite with a few lines of Paul Simon's, 'Call Me Al' tagged onto the end in a smooth transition.

The band seem delighted to be here and joke about having to play a quiet tune over some thudding bassline coming from the Lake Stage, said tune is, 'I Need All The Friends I Can Get', which allows a few moments of dreamy reflection before the breezy pop tunes return.

I can't say that Camera Obscura's set was inspiring, but it seemed to please a lot of people and was a pleasant precursor to the headliners of the night.