Paralyse Your Mind

It's not looking good for London based Dry Riser five minutes before their set as the Surrey Advertiser Tent is completely empty! They do get something of a last minute rush though, which means they end up playing to a small but enthusiastic crowd.

First impressions are mixed, they come over as a mid paced indie rock band but the combination of the guitar being too quiet in the mix and Nik Ledgard's falcetto vocals leaves me not sure what to make of them. It picks up during the second track though as a stomping intro leads into some fast chugging riffs that really gets going and evokes a good reaction from the crowd.

They get better as the set progresses and whilst nothing about them is particularly outstanding it's interesting enough to hold the attention. The slower songs are a little generic and not really that memorable but they have enough about them to suggest real promise.