They've more than 1 song.

An energetic start can get a show off to the right start and Peter, Bjorn and John managed to get their set off to a bright one.

It may have been slightly quiet on stage but the guitar lines were full of life and managed to keep the crowd on board. By the third track, things started to get a little darker with the bass coming to the fore and driving the song along. The instrumental section of this track was a winner and it finally ushered in some volume as the guitar clanged into life.

The vocals were shared amongst the three members with Bjorn the bassist taking the lead on 'Amsterdam', a laidback number with a swaying pace. There was some endearing attempts to converse in Spanish but the band connected best when they provided singalong moments.

And to re-create their best sing-song, the band was joined by Tracyanne from Glasgow indie kids Camera Obscura, for 'Young Folks.' Even if you think you haven't heard the song, you'll recognise the whistling bit but the song sounded massive in the tent. At points the crowd vocals threatened to drown the track and as soon as it was over, a mass exodus occurred. As Peter responded, "We have many other songs, please stay" and he wasn't telling lies at that.

The final song of the set was excellent with as many clapalong sections as guitar freakouts and those that stayed were greatly rewarded. They may have the one massive track that stands out in their set but a more consistent and rewarding set was hard to find over the weekend.