Camera Obscura click at Beni.

Tracyanne may have been fresh from providing Peter, Bjorn and John some assistance but theres more than one vocalist in Camera Obscura with keyboardist Carey Lander holding a great melody as well.

Whilst all around dance acts were flexing their muscles, Camera Obscure were flying the indie flag high. There hadn't been too many acoustic guitars on show over the weekend so it was good one was being used well. Even when advising people to visit the bar during a quiet song, there was a charm and grace about the band which many others lacked. There was good size crowd, perhaps aided by the earlier support but as the set continued, there was the growing sensation that Camera Obscura had a reasonable Spanish fanbase.

'Lets Get Out of This Country' was met with strong cheers and there was dancing breaking out all over the tent. With Belle and Sebastian going down a storm at Summercase 06, its apparent that Spain loves Scottish indie pop, which is no bad thing.

The slow tracks were beautiful but perhaps lost the crowd a little bit but before any real damage was done, 'Lloyd, Im Ready To Be Heartbroken' kicked in and the crowd went mental with a really joyous outburst, which was great to see.

Ending with 'I Need All The Friends I Can Get' and audience participation featuring highly, the band seem to be growing in stature and confidence with every performance and better times should lie around the corner for the band.