Time for a change

Earlier this year there were quotes from Lily Allen being reported in the sections of the music press who like to trawl MySpace blogs for news stories, that said she was getting bored with playing the same set of songs over and over again, and couldn't wait to get something fresh in the bag. Given that you're never totally sure if Lily Allen gossip style stories are true or not, who knows if this is actually what she thinks, but it can't be denied that some of the edge has gone from her reggae-inspired, down-to-earth pop a year on from the album's release.

In 2006 she played the JJB Tent early on in the day, and at Chelmsford she succeeded in getting a rammed tent of tired hung over people dancing about like idiots. Promoted to one of the outdoor stages in 2007, and although the songs still have a feel-good factor about them, I'm certainly ready for a good deal of something knew.

All the hits were present, 'LDN', 'Littlest Things' and 'Smile', with 'Friday Night' included in the setlist which was different from a year ago.

As ever what Lily says between the songs catches the ears as much as the music itself. This time round she ranted about George Bush, but has denied that this was in response to the visa problems she's currently having with regard to entering the States.

She also ranted about editors of fashion mags, and raised a drink for Amy Winehouse, which has been reported as being a dig, although Allen has since stated this was not the case.

'Alfie' rounded off the set, as is often the case, with Allen having over run and seeming to be asked to leave before her final track.

Lily Allen always has a great stage presence and put in a strong performance again. Her voice held up well despite recent illness causing her to pull out of some dates in Europe.

I'm never quite sure why the NME and other parts of the music press are so obsessed with everything she says. Frankly for me it's not really news-worthy outside the showbiz pages of the tabloids and overshadows the music which is after all what they're supposed to be reporting on first and foremost. Looking at this set purely from a music point of view, it ticked the boxes but there was little there that wasn't more fun twelve months ago.