One Hit Wonders? That'll Be The Gossip!

It seems most of Leeds Festival is here to witness one of the true love/hate sets of the weekend. Yep, it's time for The Gossip to take to the main stage with a flurry of fat jokes not far behind.

As far as soulful voices go, Beth Ditto seems to have been at least near the front of the queue when talent was handed out, but there are doubts as to if she actually made it to the line when it came to self control and _____.

The majority of the set passes in a blur as most people stand around chatting and waiting for The Song. The songs with more of a kick get a slightly better reception, than the quieter numbers but overall it does not do much to shake the feeling that The Gossip are going to be a one-hit-wonder band thanks to the incredible success of 'Standing In The Way Of Control' after its use on E4 program Skins.

Between songs, Ditto bantered happily with the crowd, at one point asking "Do I have a camel toe? I need a bobby-pin to tie back my camel lips. I have a big vagina."??

Beth, we really don't want to know.

And then, just as the drunken crowd is beginning to appear restless, The Song begins. Like a volcano erupting, as soon as the beginning of 'Standing In The Way Of Control' peals across the main stage crowd, everyone is on their feet dancing and singing. If only the rest of their set warranted such a fantastic reception.