Kick Out the Covers

With an album and an EP under their belts Turbo Fruits have flown in from Nashville for an early slot on the Carling stage and with the advantage of being a stones throw from the main arena they draw a healthy crowd. A three piece based around the classic formula of drums, bass and guitar they proceed to deliver a set of upbeat garage rock and roll very much in the style of MC5.

They get a big and dirty sound although some of the lead guitar work is a bit hit and miss early on. It's an energetic performance and crowds generally respond well to that, today being no exception although the tunes themselves aren't that great or particularly memorable. After five or six similarly sounding songs they do start to sound rather generic and interest is beginning to wane.

To their credit they go down fairly well and there are some better songs later on in their half hour set but they don't appear to have blown anyone away. The MC5 influence is confirmed with a cover of 'Ramblin Rose' although it's most notable for some dodgy falsetto vocals. There's clearly some talent in the band but they probably need to inject more of an original twist if they want to realise their ambitions. A US tour with the Noisettes in September should give them more exposure but time will tell if they have enough about them for the long haul.