Blinding Set From Biffy Clyro

As the evening draws Biffy Clyro have packed out the NME Tent effortlessly. Most of those in attendance are here to see a band they know and love, yet there are many who intend to see what all the fuss is about- and why the crowd is chanting for the band to come on stage way before the set is due to begin.

Unsurprisingly, it does not take long for Biffy Clyro to prove exactly why they are one of the true rising stars of 2007. Beginning their set with 'Bodies In Flight' a wave of ultra-bassy rock with a refreshing twist of rowdy vocals, the crowd bursts into motion as more people arrive to see the cause of such an impressive amount of sound. As the song ends cheers erupt throughout the tent before chants of 'Biffy! Biffy!" takeover. It's a fad that continues after each song played and it is a true sign of a crowd converted.

Considering there are just three members in Biffy Clyro, the monstrously loud sound they create almost seems unreal, but songs like 'Who's Got A Match?' have the kind of hooks many bands can only dream of. Ridiculously funky and infectious, it seems the band have already pulled their best track out of the hat... until the guitars of 'Saturday Superhouse' crashes the crowd into another frenzy.

However, the true standout song from Biffy Clyro's set is the album opener from their latest album. 'Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies'- a hearty slab of pompous, overblown rock that would make Muse proud.

The pace is lowered for 'Machines', the next single from Biffy Clyro. It may be a far quieter affair than their usual chaotic sound, but the crowd gleefully accompanies the band and the song is finished to rapturous cheers. 'Falling Stars' is equally well received, mainly due to the huge amount of airplay the song has been lucky enough to snag.

The set finishes on 'Glitter and Trauma', another blinding opener from the band's third album. It's a gloriously danced up rock anthem and as the last notes fade out, the cheers from in and around the NME tent is well earned.

Great things are to come for this Scottish trio on the back of their latest record, 'Puzzle', and the newfound tightness in their live shows. Having watched the band from their humble beginnings with the album 'Blackened Sky' I am pleased to say that 2007 belongs to Biffy Clyro- one of the few acts today that deserves the hype surrounding them. If you've yet to check out Biffy Clyro live, make sure you catch the band on their November tour. You can buy tickets for the event by clicking here.