Not Quite Lost The Plot...

Lost prophets have had a rocky time deciding what they want to sound like. First there were Those Singles from 2001... almost identical in sound yet both a refreshing change from the usual pap played in rock clubs at the time.

Now however, Lost Prophets seem to have nailed the sound they're after. Sounding far more tight and polished, 2006's album Liberation Transmission has focussed their energy in one direction only.

'Can't Catch Tomorrow' highlights this shift in focus. It's a pity a layer of emo taints their sound, but the crowd is more than happy to sit tight in the sunshine for 'The Fake Sound of Progress'. And why not- it's not groundbreaking music, but it matches the summer sunshine gracing Leeds Festival and it's always good for the Leeds crowd to be told they're better than Reading, even if frontman Ian Watkins may well be lying through his teeth!

'A New Transmission' is very upbeat and just cries out for the crowd to dance along. But, the real highlight of the set is seeing a drunken lad managing to battle through festival security and clambering onto the stage. Lostprophets take it in their stride however, with Watkins bellowing "So what's your name and where do you come from?" We're not treated to a reply, but internet research suggests this drunkard later goes on to get his arm broken by the security manning Aiden's set thanks to a pair of handcuffs (you can read more about the disgusting behaviour of the security at Leeds here)!

Overall, the Lostprophets deliver a set that doesn't offend, but certainly doesn't bowl you over either- the kind of set you enjoy at the time but forget to mention to your friends when discussing who you saw afterwards. Mind you, that could be down to the copious amounts of beer drunk by the majority of the crowd!